E-scape Fitness Videos are Electronically captured and viewed Landscapes designed to motivate you to maintain Fitness through Visual Stimulation.

E-scape Fitness Videos is a collection of exercise DVDs that are designed specifically to help motivate people who use indoor cardio-exercise equipment but find it boring. EFV makes workouts more enjoyable by providing visual entertainment that is aimed at stimulating the subconscious with video of real walks, rides and rows through some of the most beautiful and amazing National and State Parks in the U.S. They are best viewed with your TV screen placed at a comfortable viewing height and distance in front of your cardio-equipment.

"Why is it so difficult to stick with cardio-exercise routines?"

The story of E-scape Fitness Videos by
Ted Gosling

I first looked into this question when I was recovering from a 'double' hip resurfacing operation at age 38 and had to use an elliptical cardio-exercise machine for the first time in my life. I discovered that some people are able to stick to their cardio-exercise routines at home, usually with some form of 'enhancement' (i.e. music or TV). Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of those surveyed, myself included, became bored quickly and tended to stop using the machines within a short time. There is, in fact, a good chance that you, or someone you know has some type of cardio-exercise machine either under the bed or in the closet...collecting dust. I believed that there must be a way to improve this situation so I began investigating why this type of workout seems so tedious.

From the moment that we are born, our brains are growing and developing. With our conscious mind we learn to understand and adapt to our environment and make choices while our subconscious minds are constantly processing and recording stimuli from some, or all of our five senses, as well as running all of our "autopilot" functions 24/7 (very busy Bs indeed).

As an example, with our conscious mind we may decide to go for a walk in the park and then proceed to stroll along while mulling over some issue or another. However, that uplifting feeling of 'enjoying the fresh air and sunshine' is a result of our subconscious mind happily processing and recording all of the ever-present stimuli (sights, sounds and smells) at speeds surpassing even the most advanced computers. In essence, we are fully engaged in this activity with our body and mind - both minds.

So how does that compare to what happens in a small room at home or in the gym? The conscious mind may be actively thinking about something or trying to watch TV, but what about the subconscious? There are few or no new stimuli for the subconscious mind to process, and so it is deprived of its normal activity. Going to a gym is a little better as there may be other people around who can provide some degree of stimulation.

The key to resolving this dilemma was understanding that most subconscious minds are used to processing vast amounts of visual and audio stimuli all the time, especially when we are physically active. The solution, therefore, was to provide a similar kind of visual stimulation for the subconscious mind that one would get in an outdoor environment. I tested my theory by using my home video camera to record a walk along a scenic trail near my house and E-scape Fitness Videos (EFV) was born. After extensive research and equipment development, I took my new high quality, wide-angle cameras on the road to capture one hour, continuous videos of some of the most beautiful and amazing walks and rides through National and State Parks in North America.

The collection of EFV DVDs that are now available have helped many people achieve their fitness goals by providing them with a tool that not only makes their workouts seem fun and interesting but also gives them a sightseeing tour of some fascinating places. E-scape Fitness DVDs do not provide audio enhancement but recommend that you play your favorite music to complete the 'virtual experience'.

Of all of the positive responses that I have received, some of the most rewarding have been from sports-medicine and rehabilitation professionals, who saw EFV debut at the 2004 AB Fitness Expo in Orlando saying things like: "Thank you - finally there is help for people who have no other choice but to use cardio-exercise machines as part of their recovery!" For those of you who choose indoor cardio-exercise as part of your health and fitness programs, EFV DVDs are sure to help you to enjoy your workouts and to stick with them.

For answers to all your questions about EFV, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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